Off-line CE/LC-MS coupling Mass Spectrometry Interfacing

Microcolumn separation techniques and mass spectrometry coupling

Separation techniques coupled to mass spectrometry has become an indispensable tool in analysis of biomolecules. We focus on the coupling of column separation techniques to diverse MS systems including MALDI MS, ICP MS or ESI MS in order to gain maximum information from a single separation run. Primarily, the potential of off-line coupling is studied by our group as it allows decoupling of detection and separation in both time and space as well as archiving of the separation record.

offline couplingSchematic of CE-MS off-line coupling

In our recent work, we proposed off-line coupling of single capillary electrophoresis separation record to both MALDI MS and substrate-assisted laser desorption (SALD) ICP MS based on a liquid junction, subatmospheric deposition chamber and custom designed sample target. This approach provides highly complementary, element- and molecular-specific information about present analytes making it a great tool for metalloprotein analysis.


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