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Enjoy learning about our (non)research activities.

Our research group is focused on instrumental bioanalytical chemistry.


rganic molecules make up nearly everything around us and, of those, biomolecules are the most important to us. Development of new methods for analysis of biomolecules impacts many other scientific disciplines and contributes to better understanding in life sciences.

Our research mission is to develop instrumentation and methods for faster and more sensitive bioanalysis. We use mass spectrometry for imaging of biological tissues, capillary electrophoresis coupled to either mass spectrometry or laser-induced fluorescence for separations. We are also interested in bioanalytical applications of nanoparticles.

Students in our lab will be trained for future careers as analytical chemists in academia or industry. Students interested in joining our group at the Chemistry department, division of analytical chemistry are cordially welcomed to visit our laboratories and discuss their interests with us.